Sunday, October 04, 2009

Seaside Treasures
12" x 12" Kunamokst Mural Panel

Kunamokst means "together" in Chinook. This mural is comprised of 231 12" x 12" wooden panels painted by artists from all over the country coming "together" to create one large mural. The unveiling of the finished mural will be on Galiano Island, BC. In the mean time you can check out the paintings as they are posted to the online grid at I am number 47.

The creation of the mural starts with a master image created by Lewis Lavoie, then panels are designated to each artist. We are given a theme, in this case West Coast/ Sea life a few guidelines and a panel with some general shapes on it. We have no idea what the master image is, which makes it all the more amazing when the finished pieces are put together. Make sure you check out the other Murals.
I love going to the ocean and spending hours looking for treasures, there are so many interesting, beautiful items to be found waiting to be photographed and painted. Just like the surprises I find at the ocean I also had a surprise while doing this painting. The baby seal was originally a rock, but at one point I stepped back to view the painting and there he was, looking out at me, a happy surprise
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