Saturday, October 03, 2015

Blur Photography / Abstracts

In camera techniques conveying movement

 Two Bit Bar Sunset

Ghosts of Fishermen Past
Stormy Skies
The corn field is alive with movement
Double Double (its a Canadian thing eh)
Sun Seeker

Campbell Valley

Campbell Valley
September 13, 2015

 Beautiful Golden Mushroom

 A Shiny Red Apple......makes me think of Snow White

Fearless Bird

A Pond and Gazebo

Weathered Wood Reflections

Golden Ears Park- Lower Falls

I'm excuses just know i'm here.

Golden Ears Park - Lower Falls
August 22, 2015

 Leaves under water

 A little bit of the falls and a green pool

 Abstract Water Reflections

A Painterly Water Shot

 The water was low but still very green

 Some Fungi

Wonderful texture and colors on this big boulder.