Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Splash of Color Series

I am so drawn to this black and white hounds-tooth fabric that it has starred in four of my paintings. Maybe it's the splashes of color against the pattern or perhaps it is just the challenge of painting the different values. The process of painting the pattern is slow and tedious but as I look at these paintings so many ideas of other painting pop into my mind, right now I am seeing long red peppers against the black and white.....ideas are swirling around in my mind and another painting is beginning to brew.

    Tea of Life 18" x 24" Acrylic                                               Open A'Peel 16" x 16" Acrylic


Chaos Surrounds 16" x 20" Acrylic

                                                                                                         Black and Blue 11" x 14" Acrylic

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