Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mermaid Graffiti or Art - What would you call it?

Have you ever wondered if there really were mermaids?  Well I have and I think I have seen proof not only that they exist but that they are ARTISTS!  Grab a bottle of water, your camera, and some sun block as it is hot today, and I will take you on a journey to Starfish Rock.
Starfish Rock is just outside of Gibsons Landing the first time I saw it my friend and I were out on a quest to find some good shots of arbutus trees, this time as well as the last time we are just going to wing the directions so I hope you aren't scared of getting lost.
It's a curvy coastal road lots of ups and downs and hairpin curves with some wonderful places to pull over and admire the view. After a good half hour or so of driving under a canopy of trees we come to a small quaint residential area with a dead end street, this is where we get out and there she is Starfish Rock!

In my fanciful imaginings I would like to think that mermaids come out when no one is around and use the large coastal rocks as their canvas moving along the coast leaving their masterpieces hidden until the tide goes out or perhaps it a rogue band of mermaid graffiti artists defacing the coastal rocks with little chance of being caught.

Mermaid Graffiti or Art what would you call it?

Disclaimer:  Although the rock painted with starfish is real the name Starfish Rock is a fictional name.  

Starfish Rock

24" x 24" Acrylic on canvas.

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