Sunday, February 23, 2014

21/365 Grateful - Kiss a Stingray - 7 Years Good Luck

In Grand Cayman they say that if you kiss a stingray you will have 7 years of good luck.  I'm not really that gullible but what the heck if there is any chance that it is true i'm in.  

I chose not to bring my camera with me as I wasn't sure exactly what we were going to be doing and if it would be safe.  Needless to say it would have been fine and I regretted not bringing it the entire time.  Oh well just another excuse to return to 
Grand Cayman.  The highest point on Grand Cayman is their landfill.  I'm so used to our mountainous islands that this struck me as quite strange.

We were told that the larger rays were the females, it was quite strange to have them swimming around us, freaked me out at first.  They feel sort of like mushrooms, slightly spongy.  I wasn't quite brave enough to try to feed them.

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