Sunday, March 16, 2014

35/365 Grateful - Snow Geese

It's early morning, I wait in the dark for daylight to come, it's chilly and fog forms as I breathe out; but I have my coffee to sip as I patiently wait.  

In the distance I hear their muted honks calling out to each other.  As the sun lifts the veil of darkness, I see a gaggle of snow geese slowly swimming my way. Their white bodies stand out against the lingering darkness.  

With a series of honks and a beating of wings soon they will head for open fields to forage.  

It won't be long now and they will leave migrating back to Wrangel Island which lies in the Arctic Ocean, north of Siberia, and belongs to Russia. To learn more see George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary 

Lesser Snow Geese

Fraser River, Poplar Bar, Glen Valley

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