Monday, June 02, 2014

123/365 Captured Moments of the Weekend South Langley

The weather has been glorious, sunny and warm.  Sadly I somehow managed to put my back/hip out but that didn't stop me from exploring.  I ventured into South Langley in my quest for old barns, red ones are my favorite but I also want to capture the old gray dilapidated ones, before they are no more.  

I'm sure people wonder when they see me taking pictures of their properties, or animals, and yes i'm the one that is peering into your garden with my zoom lens.  

It started off with a trip along a winding road


The stories these old timbers could tell.......

The dew was heavy on the grass, I love how it sparkles and the lavender tint.

I thought I had missed the Dogwoods, this image almost looks like it could be a painting.

As I was taking pictures of some other horses a couple out for a walk pointed out a road where there were some new foals.  This one was staying close to mama until its curiosity got the best of him.

And a weather vane to end the day!

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