Sunday, November 24, 2013

Early Morning Fog, Reflections, And Naked Trees

I'm not an early bird, weekends are for sleeping in, and if it is cold there is no way that I want to go out. But this morning I made an exception, I headed out before sunrise with a hot coffee in one hand and my camera in the other hoping to get some frosty images.  I stopped and shot some beautiful sunrise shots, then moved on to one of my favorite places Glen Valley.   I was looking for frosty shots but fog was on the menu.

This image alone made it worth while getting up early, I'm planning on getting it made into a large print.

The simplicity of this image appeals to me.

Naked trees and reflections, two of my favorite things to shoot.

Right now the water is down low so I was able to walk out to the center of the channel, surprisingly I was the only one out there but I enjoyed being alone, well except for the odd duck.

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