Sunday, January 19, 2014

08/365 Grateful - Capturing Memories

08 - 365 Capturing Memories

Today I am grateful for my cameras.  Every time I scroll through my pictures it is like taking a walk down memory lane.  People, places, and adventures would likely be forgotten if not recorded in some form.  

Some people journal, some draw or sketch, others paint, for me it is a combination of photography and painting.   My cameras allow me to capture beautiful images, things that I might never again see, moments in time that create wonderful memories.  

My camera is also a tool that enables me to shoot images to use as painting references. 

I am also challenged to learn new techniques and venture into different situations, to step out of my comfort zone.  I have found that I am more aware of my surrounding, that I search for the unusual, that sometimes the best images are found off the beaten path.

When heading out for a photo shoot there is a sense of excitement, the high anticipation I feel when I think of the possibilities. With my camera I get lost in time. In my mind I say ....just one more shot which leads to another.

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