Sunday, January 26, 2014

15/365 Grateful - Weekends, Shorts, Sun, & Surprises

Weekends are definitely something to be grateful for and this one was stellar. With temperatures in Abbotsford, BC reaching 12C /(53F) it was a shorts and flip flop kind of weekend, I gave my car a much needed bath on Saturday and took care of some errands.  Today was a "me" day, to do with it what ever I wanted.  I could not resist the lure of fog, sun, and blue skies.  It was a special day which came with a wonderful surprise, you will have to scroll to the end to see it.

I was late, the mist was already lifting at the Mission Bridge

The Mission Rail Bridge 

A carpet of moss, lush and green, grows amongst the river rock at Inch Creek.

Sometimes bad shots turn into cool images! This one appeals to the artist in me, but it also aggravates me, if it was a painting I would have to fight myself to keep it from my usual realism.

There were plenty of Eagles perched in the trees and flying about.  I'm happy that the Bald Eagle population has increased after almost being extinct not so many years ago.

I'm pretty stoked about seeing Pussy Willows especially in January. 

Now for the big surprise
well actually it wasn't big
But it was adorable
And it let me take lots of pictures

Here you go!
A little hint for you
Hoot Hoot

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to take pictures of this fellow.  He wasn't very big, perhaps 4" - 6" I have no idea what type of owl he is so if there are any birders out there I would love to know.

Update:   I believe this is a Northern Pygmy Owl

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