Sunday, April 20, 2014

79/365 Grateful - Exotic Road Side Beauty

Not all that is beautiful is good.

This exotic little road side beauty is a flower belonging to a Broom bush growing wild.  Broom is not a native plant to British Columbia, it was first brought over from Europe and introduced in Sooke BC. 

This invasive shrub has rapidly spread throughout Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and up to Hope, BC.  A hardy shrub it can grow in harsh conditions often found along roadways.  It is slowly pushing out our native plant species and needs to be controlled.

"At one time it was considered a beneficial plant, during pioneering times, the seeds of broom were roasted and used as coffee substitute, while new shoots were used as a replacement for hops in beer production. However, it is now known that the leaves, buds and pods of broom contain toxic chemicals or substances that can affect the nervous system and the heart."  More about Broom and what the government is doing to control it. 

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