Saturday, April 12, 2014

71/365 Captured Moments - Narcissus, Jonquils, or Daffodils? Seems to be the question.

The fields are filled with an abundance of daffodils so many different kinds, from the traditional bright yellow ones which were the norm when I grew up to the many new varieties.  

This is my go to field to buy daffodils, I was happy to see the Canada flag was still on the fence post,  a little on the tattered side but still proudly flying.  

****All images were all shot at the Flower Stand in the Bradner Area, more info at the bottom of this post.

These are the ones I bought if I remember correctly I bought them last year also.


I like to buy them when they are like this and watch them open.

I love the contrast between the yellow centers & white petals.

So bright and cheerful!

And last but not least a beautiful elegant white jonquil.

This is the little stand that I visit.  They have a wonderful selection of both cut and potted daffodils, payment is based on the honor system so make sure you have change with you.  Remember to support your local growers they appreciate it more then the big box stores.

The price is $1.75 for a bundle of 10 blooms.  The potted daffodils are from $10.00, these pots are big! 

Bradner Area                       

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