Sunday, April 13, 2014

72/365 Captured Moments - Traveling a Country Road.-A Photo Montage

I have begun to park my car and venture out on foot both for the exercise as well as to see more.  I never would have seen this little bird singing, or the cat on the fence if I was driving. Although I might have got some shots of the peacock landing in the middle of the road....yes you read that right a peacock, he began to move off as I got closer.  As I walked along all became clear as I came across a small farm with chickens, and other fowl, including peacocks.  I hope you enjoy my walk as much as I did.

A small bird pays homage to the light of day with song

The magnolias stretch open their petals to welcome the sun

A old work truck slowly rumbles along the country road, we wave in passing....

A cat slumbers in perfect balance on a fence railing.

Getting down and dirty to admire the little world beneath our feet.

 And the soft velvety feel of a horses muzzle

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